I just had a wonderful visit with my sister, her husband, and my 16
year old niece, and 14 year old nephew.  I love them so much!!  They
come every year and visit us at the beach.  They are on vacation,
however, we are not!  It’s a challenge, as I’m sure many of you know
when you live at the beach to not be on vacation every time you have
visitors!  I want to share a few tips that I put into practice while
they were here to not go overboard and get off my health and fitness

First of all, try and resist temptation.  I joked with my family that I
was glad I didn’t run into any clients while I was at the grocery
store.  If someone had looked in my basket they would have thought I
was a hypocrite!  I had some things in there I would never be caught
dead having in my house….pop tarts, frozen waffles filled with
strawberry filling, and sugared cereal to name a few!  However, my
sweet niece and nephew requested some items and I wanted them to be
happy on vacation!  I don’t have a problem resisting these certain
foods.  However, it was a challenge to turn down the dark chocolate and
wine!  And, so, I did splurge a little, but it was on “pure” items!

Second, fit in exercise when you can.  I only get to see my family
twice a year; once in the summer and then at Christmas.  So I value
every minute I have with them.  While I continued to train clients
while they were here, I didn’t want to take extra time away to get my
workouts in.  So one day on the weekend I woke up early and hopped on
the treadmill and did a short 30 minute sprint interval session
(remember, intervals burn up to 9 times more fat than steady state
cardio!)  Then one day I did a workout on the beach.  Instead of
getting a “regular” gym workout in, I brought a band down to the beach
and did a circuit.  Wow, I forget how challenging basic exercises like
lunges are when you do them in the sand!

Finally, drink lots of water.  Make sure you stay hydrated especially
if you are imbibing on extra adult beverages.  When we all get together
we tend to have a few extra glasses of wine than we normally would.  We
get to talking and laughing and having a ball!  But I made sure to
drink a ton of water and that helps a lot!
So I’m not a complete “angel,” but I did stick with many of my basic
philosophies!  I hope these tips are helpful the next time you have

Yours in health,
Colleen Riddle

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